Terms of Service

Terms & condition

* As photographers we will do our best to educate, direct, request event members/family members to move for a better picture. However, we are not held liable if party members/family members do not cooperate with posing, directions, and children/adults that do not smile or even shift in the midst of taking pictures.

* We are not liable if any event guest/family members do not follow direction in placing down alcoholic beverages for pictures. It is the responsibility of the individual that hired us to inform adults to cooperate & place drinks down or inform them alcoholic beverages after all pictures discussed are taken.

* We strive to take many pictures as we can of your special occasion (posed & candid's). However, we are not liable if a specific pose, group picture, and/or spontaneous occurrence is not captured.

* We are not held liable if members of the wedding/event party are in use of cell phones. We cannot as the hired photographers capture a beautiful moment twice when family members are in the way during a ceremony. Inform your guest & family all cell phones must be kept close & not obstruct us as the photographer(s) hired for the special day. You hired us for a reason, and we want to make sure we capture every single moment.

* Please note we cannot be held liable for hair/lighting/sudden weather change/obtrusive guest/unsafe environment is out of our control. In addition, due to sessions being held at a public location we have no control over people seen in the background.

* Please note we are not liable when pictures are printed in any size or blown up (canvas size) to the point you may notice pixilation/noise/blurriness.

* We are not liable if the color of pictures printed is not the similar or same from the finished product seen on screen.

* We are not liable if requested poses are not equal to an idea you may have found online; for example, poses found on Pinterest some of those poses are done by models.

* Please note once we have finished the editing process and mailed them or online delivery, we do not keep/save the finished product. We edit a lot of pictures and are unable to save the RAW edited versions. Therefore, we edit and delete, unable to re-edit.

* Re-Edits of any kind may be considered by us based on time and how many other sessions we have left to edit. For example, if we accept to re-edit specific pictures from your shoot, your re-edits will fall into the cue in chronological order behind sessions currently being worked on. Specific picture numbers/file names must be provided to locate the file to be re-edited. In addition, there will be an extra charge of $30 per photo for editing time and booking available time for another photoshoot.